The Concept of Realms

by | Apr 8, 2018

The Concept of Realms, and Levels Within

Table 1. Hierarchy of Realms

This engineer thinks of physics and philosophy as two different realms.  And within these realms are different levels within the realm.  As an example, in the realm of space (physics), there are the levels of position, velocity and acceleration.  It seems to this engineer that there is a similar hierarchy of intelligence (philosophy) that would be information, logic and abstraction.  The lowest level of each is similar insofar as a point really isn’t space and information really isn’t intelligence, but both are related to the realm they are in, and a product of their realm.

This engineer believes that it is proper to define another realm, actualization (process)1, as actualization is a combination of physics (matter, energy, space and time) and philosophy (intelligence).  Similarly, tools, logically intelligent machines and abstract intelligent machines are levels of the actualization realm.

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  1. Or better yet, a more descriptive term – creation
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